The Brymstonne Tudor Project

Welcome to the latest Brymstonne craziness: The Brymstonne Tudor Project!

As with many of the projects Brymstonne has undertaken, this all started with the phrase "I was thinking..." This was uttered at first by Lord Uther the Dark, of Ered Sul. Lady Selina, our resident troublemaker, overheard these words, and so the madness began.

Lord Uther wanted to dress up as King Henry VIII, with his Lady, Mistress Grainne, dressing up as Katherine of Aragon. He wanted to have all of Henry's wives, and asked if Lady Selina was interested in being one of them. Selina had been wanting to make a dress that Jane Seymore was portrayed in, but had put it off for various reasons. She realized this was the perfect opportunity! A few days later this was brought up at a Brymstonne meeting. And, as is wont to happen in Brymstonne, the idea grew into what we are now calling "the Tudor Project".

The focus of the Tudor Project is to recreate garb worn during the reign of Henry VIII. Those participating are making outfits based, as closely as possible, on portraits painted of people at King Henry's court. While part of this includes learning a bit about each of the people whose portraits we are recreating, we are not taking on their personae. The exercise is to learn what they wore, how they made it, how they wore it, and how it fit into their lives and the culture of their time.

A secondary aspect of this project is for those who wish to wear Tudor garb but not necessarily recreate a specific portrait. There were many courtiers that either did not have portraits made, or their portraits did not survive. Therefore, people are welcome to join the project who are not doing "Portrait Garb". The only stipulation is that to be included on this website their garb must be period appropriate for King Henry's reign.

Anyone interested is welcome to join in the project - the more the merrier!

The menu at the left is a listing of those portraits that people have chosen as inspiration for their garb. Each listing has an image of the portrait, a very brief history of the person depicted in the portrait, the SCA member that is making the garb, and a little bit about that SCA member.

As you can see by checking out the list, the people involved vary greatly in experience, both in the SCA and in actually sewing. There are several who have been sewing for many years; however, that is not the case for everyone. One of the participants recreating the dress of Mary Tudor, sister to Henry (M'lady Isabella) has only been sewing for about a year. Another of our participants in the Non-Portrait listings (M'lady Aerrindis), her Tudor garb will be the first thing she has ever sewn!

There is a section on each page entitled "Garb Notes" which will have additional information submitted by each participant. As there are many websites, books, etc. that have clothing patterns, we will not be posting patterns. This section will contain such things as notes, challenges faced and how they were overcome. The goal is to help others who would like to attempt a similar project.

If you would like to join in the fun...please do so! As the SCA is an educational organization, this exercise is a way for everyone to learn something new and to share the journey along the way. It's easy! Just email an image of the portrait from which you are hoping to make garb, a very short explanation of who the person is, along with a very short explanation of who you are. Over the next few months, if you run across some challenges, or have some notes you would like included on your listing, email them in and our Web Minister will get them posted here.

As of now, the plan is to debut all the garb that has been finished at Brymstonne's annual Chocolate Revel, which will take place on September 24th, 2011.

Please contact Lady Selina for further details.

Come out and join in the madness!!